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Inspiring Talks

For this Festival, we have put together carefully curated panels on topics of interest in STEM; we bring you high profile speakers and thought leaders to talk and share their vision for the future, and the important role women have to play in their fields.

Come and take a peek into the cutting-edge innovations being pioneered in the various STEM fields, and the future of work in STEM.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear from the thought leaders and industry gurus themselves! Here’s a bonus: You can also gain insights on how to leverage social media for career growth and networking!


STEMpowering the next gen of female leaders

In this exclusive fireside chat, our Guest-of-Honor, Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information, will discuss with Haslinda Amin, Chief International Correspondent, SE Asia and Anchor for Bloomberg Television, how women can lead and participate actively in the science and tech industry. 


Haslinda Amin

Chief International Correspondent

Bloomberg Television


Mrs Josephine Teo

Minister for Communications and Information

STEM Fest - Stock Images (3).png
Image by Ryo Tanaka

10:00AM  |   PANEL 01

A Future Powered by STEM

There is no doubt that STEM is important to solve the world’s most pressing problems, from cancer research to climate change. Are you curious to know what innovations are being pioneered in these fields today, and what kind of careers can you expect to get into tomorrow? 


Subject matter experts from Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology get together to share their thoughts on these, and more. They will also talk about the increasing importance of sustainability focused innovation in their fields, and most importantly, the need for more girls to be part of these exciting times in the future of STEM.


Come and find out from thought leaders what tomorrow’s talent can look forward to in these important sectors.


Dr. Leah Vardy

Covering Executive Director

A*STAR Skin Research Labs

Prof.SierinLim (NTU-POWERS).jpg

Dr. Sierin Lim

Associate Professor, Bioengineering


Anuprita Bhomick (Google).jpg

Anuprita Bhomick

Head of Customer Experience, Devices and Services


Dr.Hsien Hsien Lei (AmCham).jpg

Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei


American Chamber of Commerce


11:00AM  |   PANEL 02

Nurturing a love for STEM in Girls 

Research has shown that some girls rule themselves out of STEM careers very early on in their academic life because there is no creativity in STEM, while some others feel a lack of encouragement and support for them to pursue these fields.


Hence there is an urgent need to

  • Bust some common myths about STEM 

  • Reposition STEM as STEAM, with the increasing intersectionality of Arts/creativity in STEM

  • Foster a love for STEM and empower girls with the self-belief to excel in them..


Come and hear from experts in academia and industry share their views and ideas on this; you will also be able to hear from a dad who has successfully fostered this love of STEM in his daughters!

Prof Ong Soh Khim (NUS).jpg

Prof Ong Soh Khim

Associate Professor, Manufacturing


Dr.Sun Sun Lim (SUTD).jpg

Prof Lim Sun Sun

 Professor, Communication and Technology



Adeel Khan

Senior Technical Specialist


Tinku Gupta (SGX).jpg

Tinku Gupta




STEM Fest - Stock Images (4).png

12:00PM  |   PANEL 03

STEMPowered Me!

A STEM education gives you the tools that can help you do well in other fields too. With better problem solving and analytical skills it equips you with the necessary tools to navigate the various challenges posed by today’s fast-paced world. 

Don’t just take our word for it - come and hear about how STEM has empowered and enriched these young women; in this panel, moderated by a high profile UWS Board member who is an inspiring role model herself, you will hear from girls as they share their experiences, adventures and opportunities in the world of STEM, from being part of innovative solutions to receiving learning, mentorship and networking opportunities with industry experts in pioneering STEM fields!


Rica Teo


Lim Meow Kiang

ITE College East


Lee Zi Qi Karin


Ngee Ann Polytechnic


Constanz Wee


Nanyang Polytechnic


Paige Parker (UWS Board Member).jpg

Paige Parker

Board Member

United Women Singapore


1:30PM  |   TALK 04

LinkedIn 101: How to build your network and advance your career on LinkedIn

No one needs an introduction to LinkedIn, but here are some statistics to boggle your mind:

  • 49 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week

  • 6 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute

  • There are 77 job applications submitted every second on LinkedIn



So how many of us are actually leveraging this platform well to stand out against others, and how do we gain an edge over competition?


Let a professional from LinkedIn guide you through this, including burning  topics like ‘Life after IHL: what’s next?’!

Trisha Suresh (LinkedIn).jpg

Trisha Suresh

Head of Public Policy and Economic Graph, Southeast Asia


Image by Souvik Banerjee

2:30PM  |   PANEL 05

A Future Powered by HybridTech

We know that technology has disrupted industries, revolutionised society, and changed the way we live.


Hybrid Tech is the marriage of technology with other fields; these relatively new yet exciting fields are fast gaining more and more importance in the world. We introduce you to a few emerging hybrid tech areas in this panel.

Come and hear from experienced industry professionals in Agritech, Fintech and Medtech as they introduce their fields, discuss the important innovations in these sectors through the lens of sustainability, and give tips on how young women can leverage the emerging opportunities in these fields by equipping themselves with the right qualifications and skillsets for the coming years!


Esther Er

Analytical Chemist

Corteva Agriscience

Shikha Maheshwari (Abbott).jpg

Shikha Maheshwari

Director of Marketing & Commercial Excellence


Shivani Mukherjee (ThoughtMachine).jpg

Shivani Mukherjee

Senior Partnerships Leader APAC

Thought Machine


Georgette Tan


United Women Singapore


3:30PM  |   FIRESIDE 06

Skills for Tomorrow’s Careers

Have you ever wondered about the future-proof skills needed in today’s students to thrive in tomorrow’s competitive job market?

Hear from Chief Skills Officer of SkillsFuture SG and a top Human Resources veteran from the corporate space discuss the transferable skills needed in tomorrow’s talent and how to foster resilience in them to thrive in a disruptive world.

Dr.Soon Joo Gog (SkillsFuture).jpg

Dr. Gog Soon Joo

Chief Skills Officer

SkillsFuture Singapore


Anupama Puranik


Russell Reynolds

All Activities are free, but require registration
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