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Whether it is learning about the potential of AI, or exploring a path to Mars, these workshops point toward the same direction: uncovering what the future holds with STEM! Catch a glimpse of the various industries with hands-on experiences guaranteed to teach you a new technology or innovation in a fun way.

Each female student is allowed to attend one workshop of the festival. In your registration form, indicate your preference of workshop, and we'll try our best to accommodate them! Don't miss this opportunity to engage with experts and expand your horizons!

Glass Buildings


Global Markets Explorer: Be Future Ready

By Bank of America

“Global Markets Explorer: Be Future Ready” is an interactive session where you can explore global financial markets and various STEM based career options in this space.


Buy and sell stocks while building a strategy reacting to price fluctuations caused by market news. Develop financial literacy and decision-making skills in this fun filled learning session.

Learning Objectives:

Introduction to financial markets

Explore various career options in the financial industry

Learn to make strategic decisions based on the market movement


Sustainability Career Carnival

By Women in Climate (Multiple Organisations)

Explore Who, What, & How! Dive into interactive games and activities where you'll engage with sustainability professionals from diverse industries.


Discover their roles, responsibilities, and pathways into sustainability careers. Get ready to ask burning questions and unlock the secrets to making a difference in our world!

Learning Objectives:

Reconfirm your sustainability knowledge

Learn about different sustainability roles

Understand challenges and opportunities in sustainability career paths

Green Architecture
Natural Perfumes


By dsm-firmenich

Science of Perfumery

Be inspired by the wonderful world of perfumery and experience how we create beautiful fragrances to delight consumers all over the world! Join us for this interactive workshop as we explore different STEM roles in this creative industry, get hands on experience at our demo stations and learn from our experts about the science behind your favourite scents!

Learning Objectives:

Introduction to the Perfumery industry 
Discover different STEM related careers and routes to entry 
Get hands on experience exploring how we design, develop and smell fragrances for a range of applications, from prestigious eau de parfum to your favourite shampoo and body wash.



By J.P. Morgan

Get introduced to the basics of Cybersecurity and the top 10 web application vullnerabilities and how they are being exploited. Become an attacker of Vulnerable Websites through hands-on simulation!

Learning Objectives:

Learn about Secure Coding and its importance

Common Web Application Vulnerabilities

Practically explore how the exploitations occur from the perspective of an Attacker

Laptop Keyboard
Abstract Metallic Chaos

Activity A05

De-mystifying Generative AI

By Microsoft

Generative AI has opened up new use cases for how we create and collaborate, learn how the AI generators are being used as co-pilots to help take away the drudgery from every day tasks.

Learning Objectives:

Understanding Gen AI Landscape

Gen AI Demos

The Art of the Prompt

Hands-on with Copilot


Mars exploration powered by Microchips

By STMicroelectronics

Come and learn how microchips such as sensors and microcontrollers work together with coding to make many advanced technologies, including space exploration, a reality. You will also program a robot to complete its mission on “planet Mars” and witness first-hand, technology in action through microchips and coding!

Learning Objectives:

Learn about various microchips (sensors, microcontrollers, Bluetooth, etc)

Experience hands-on robotic programming to integrate hardware and software

Understand how microchips can contribute to Sustainability

Surreal Plants


AI Canvas: Where Creativity meets Technology

By MAGES Institute of Excellence

Dive into the fusion of artificial intelligence with creative design and coding in our workshop. Participants will explore how AI enhances creative outputs and supports coding projects through hands-on experiences with cutting-edge tools.

Learning Objectives:

How to use AI to assist in generating visually compelling content, translating creative ideas into digital formats.

Understand how AI can assist in coding, helping to simplify and guide the development process without necessarily optimizing advanced coding tasks.

Explore the ethical landscape of AI technology to ensure responsible use in both creative and technical fields.


STEMPowered Cash Management

By BlackRock

Discover the synergy of STEM and Wealth Management and explore how science, technology, engineering, and math intersect with financial well-being. Gain insights from BlackRock's inspiring engineering team on how STEM empowers clients to achieve their financial goals.

Learning Objectives:

Get equipped with vital financial skills

Gain valuable insights through HR discussions on preparing for STEM roles in the wealth management industry

Financial Reports
All Activities are free!
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