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Our on-demand webinars bring you speakers from Singapore and around the world. Hear from the coolest minds as they share about their fields and work.

Know what it takes to be an Astrophysicist or a Materials Engineer and listen to world renowned scientists being interviewed by young Singaporean students!
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My Career in Astrophysics

Prof Lisa Harvey-Smith is the Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador. She works with business, education and government to increase the participation of women and girls in STEM education and careers. An astrophysicist with 20 years’ research experience, Lisa presented ABC's Stargazing Live and regularly appears as a science media commentator. She is the author of five popular science books.

Two renowned women in Science, Dr. Jenny Lind Elmaco, Regional Project Director of EURAXESS, and Dr. Elizabeth Pollitzer, Founder and Director of Portia, talk to UWS’ student volunteers Ishaana and Shruti on their personal journeys, the challenges they overcame and why it is so important that girls take up science subjects and careers! Come have a listen!

Join us for this webinar to learn what IC Design, AWF and SWE Singapore is about! Pei Fern wears multiple hats in her career. She is an Integrated Circuit (IC) designer from AMD and plays an active role in AMD Women’s Forum (AWF). Beyond work, she is also the Vice President (Corporate) of Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Singapore.

Micron creates a diverse workplace and nurture an inclusive culture. Join Swee Jen and Priscilla Lavania from Micron’s process equipment engineering team as they provide a rare glimpse into the world of engineering and innovation. Find out why it is important for young girls to have an early interest in STEM studies. A better world starts with creating opportunities for girls and women to rise and make a difference.

Powered by Abbott and UWS, GoSTEMChamps! presents the first STEM Speaker Series for 2022: Journey of a Virus Hunter. Mary Rodgers, Ph.D., Principal Research Scientist at Abbott, shares her STEM adventures with tiny, virulent viruses with high school students.

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