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STEM Activities


Exclusively for female students only!

Calling all girls 12 years and over: Whether it is programming a robot for its Mars mission or knowing the science behind Skincare, these hands-on STEM activities are guaranteed to teach you a new STEM concept in a fun way.

Choose your free activities, register for them, and have a great experience at the Festival. After all, it is not everyday that you get to learn from the experts who do this for a living!

Find out more about the STEM Activities below

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10:00AM  |   ACTIVITY 02

Learning to become a Citizen Developer

By Microsoft

Anyone can code. No, really. This is the definition of Citizen Development - the art of developing software applications with no coding knowledge. Learn more about what it takes to be a Citizen Developer from Zara and Zenubia, the world's youngest Power Platform & Azure AI certified girls!


Anyone can be citizen developer no matter what background professionally or academically they hold. In this session, Zara and Zenubia , world's youngest citizen developer girls will introduce Microsoft low code /no code platform and help attendees begin their citizen developer journey . By the end of session, attendees will be able to start building mobile or Web apps and understand the awesome world of power platform.

Learning Objectives:

Becoming a Citizen Developer

Learn to build mobile or web apps

11:00AM  |  ACTIVITY 03

Mars Exploration powered by Microchips

By STMicroelectronics

Come and learn how microchips such as sensors and microcontrollers work together with coding to make many advanced technologies, including space exploration, a reality. You will also program a robot to complete its mission on “planet Mars” and witness first-hand, technology in action through microchips and coding!

Learning Objectives:

Learn about various microchips (sensors, microcontrollers, Bluetooth, etc)
Experience hands-on robotic programming to integrate hardware and software
Understand how microchips can contribute to Sustainability

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12:00PM  |   ACTIVITY 04

Cyber Security: Best Practices

By Bank of America

Get trained by Cybersecurity experts on the best cybersecurity practices that will help you protect yourself from scams. What better way to learn this than by playing an exciting “Crack the Code” game, where you will face a simulated situation and need to solve a puzzle to protect yourself from online scammers!

Learning Objectives:

Learn to use social media platforms securely without exposing your personal information

How to spot a phishing message

Detect and protect yourself from scams

12:00PM  |  ACTIVITY 05

Sensoreal: An introduction to Sensory Tests

By Johnson & Johnson

A sensory test is a simple, yet intricate experiment product development does to define attributes to products. Let experts teach you to conduct sensory tests, and in the process learn about experimental design. This sensory test crash course will allow you to get actual results and insights to solve a question posted by yourself. You will learn first-hand that everyone has the potential to be a consumer scientist and have fun while doing it! Don't take our word for it, come and try it!

Learning Objectives:

Facilitate self expression with creativity and passion

Build Intellectual Curiosity

Develop a Sense of Achievement

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1:30PM  |   ACTIVITY 06

Fun Programming with Rabbids Coding

By Ubisoft

Ubisoft's Rabbids Coding one of the most popular educational games used to teach programming in a fun way! The Rabbids invade space, and in true Rabbids-style, turn your spaceship upside down! Using blocks of code, you need to give them instructions to clear up the mess they have created. Have a fun learning session led by an expert from Ubisoft, the creator of Rabbits Coding. No prior coding or programming experience required!

Learning Objectives:

Improve your logical thinking ability

Create fun programming masterpieces

2:30PM  |  ACTIVITY 08

The Science behind Skincare Products

By Fawnlabs

Learn from a certified Formulator all about safe skincare formulations and see first hand how various botanical ingredients combine together to form skincare products. You will have the unique opportunity to master the art of crafting your own gel wash, personalised to your own skin type, using non-toxic and sustainably sourced ingredients. How cool is that!

Learning Objectives:

Learn the science behind safe skincare formulations

Understand the importance of sustainability and responsible consumption


1:30PM  |   ACTIVITY 07

Lego Vehicles: Build and Test

By Lego

You are never too old to play with Lego! Come and build cool vehicles using LEGO bricks and parts, including pullback motors. You will even get to test their strength by navigating through obstacles or by how far they travel.

Learning Objectives:

Cultivate 21st century skills such as creativity

Test your fine-motor-skills

Learn the art of building better prototypes through iterative experimentation

3:30PM  |  ACTIVITY 09

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and NFTs - An Introduction


Have you ever heard of the terms Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens and wondered what they really are? Here's your opportunity to learn all about them from experts. You will also have the opportunity to do hands-on labs to understand these important concepts clearly yet in a simple way!

Learning Objectives:

Understand Blockchain and its applications

Know what Cryptocurrency is and how to create it

Learn about NFTs

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3:30PM  |   ACTIVITY 10

Assembling and Building Engines

By Cummins

Diesel Engine Technology made easy! Start off with simple LEGO bricks and gradually build a two-cylinder engine, guided by engineers who make these engines in real life! In addition to learning the technology, you will be surprised to come away equipped with other skills too - like better problem solving, resilience, an awareness of your learning style, and more!

Learning Objectives:

Learn about Diesel Engine Technology

Sharpen soft skills such as problem solving, collaboration, etc.

Special activity for Parents only

10:00AM  |  ACTIVITY 01

Parent's session: How to be a Cyber Safe Family

By Cyberlite

Parents! Are you worried about your family's screen time? Not sure what you should do if your child can’t get off social media or games? Join child cyber safety experts Nina and Michelle as they share their pro tips on how you can build safe online spaces at home.


Palo Alto Networks is sponsoring the cyber safety book for youths, Ready, Get Set, Connect! by Cyberlite Books for this event.

Learning Objectives:

Learn about the latest trending apps that children and teens are using

Know how to spot risky cyber behaviours in your children

Get tips on cyber safety for the entire family

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All Activities are free, but require registration
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